Surgery on the Other Breast

For patients who have a unilateral mastectomy, it may be necessary or desirable to have surgery on the contralateral (other breast) in order to make the breasts symmetric.

For example, patients with fairly large breasts may not be able to achieve the same size in the newly reconstructed breast and so they may have a breast reduction done in the other breast.

At times as the patients may choose to increase their size and therefore have an implant placed in the natural breast for augmentation.

Many patients have breasts which have become ptotic (droopy) with age. Newly reconstructed breasts are often actually more youthful in appearance. Therefore, many patients have a mastopexy (breast lift) done on the natural breast.

Fortunately, in most cases Texas State Law requires insurance to cover surgery done on the contralateral breast for symmetry, whether this involves a reduction, augmentation, or mastopexy.

For patients who have a unilateral mastectomy, surgery on the other breast may be needed for symmetry

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