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Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Implant Breast Reconstruction Dallas

Why Choose Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction? Dallas Physicians Explain.

When a woman is planning to have a mastectomy, there are many questions that she faces. In part, they are about the procedure: how to find the right surgeon, how the treatment will help in her battle against cancer, and how recovery will fit in with other procedures she needs. Still, she may have other pressing questions about what life will be like after the mastectomy is complete.

For many women, it can be difficult to regain the sense of self that they had before undergoing the procedure. They may be uncertain of how to get back to the feeling of confidence and femininity that they once possessed as each day in front of the mirror is a daily reminder of past medical battles. For some, the answer lies in breast reconstruction surgery.

Dallas’ Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction offers procedures that improve the lives of those living with mastectomies. One of the most important reasons to choose the Center for a procedure, such as flap surgery or implant breast reconstruction, is that Dallas patients receive the supportive care of a specialist. Not all cosmetic surgeons are equal, and not all doctors understand the specific issues for a woman who has undergone a mastectomy. In part, this comes from knowing the concerns and questions of patients who require breast reconstruction. Our Dallas doctors and staff provide information to clients so that they can make the right choice for themselves.

This idea of “choice” is another important reason to turn to Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction. Dallas women who have been through a mastectomy understand the feeling of powerlessness in the face of a vast medical process. Working with us is different. Our staff is trained in numerous procedures, including advanced microsurgery techniques and procedures that can be combined with breast reconstruction implants. Dallas surgeons at the Center are able to offer clients options that suit their personal preferences, medical condition, and lifestyle.

Our aim is to provide each client satisfying, safe results. One example that demonstrates this commitment is our procedure for implant breast reconstruction. Dallas patients who are interested in the surgery will receive information about the benefits, risks, and products we use. They may choose from saline or silicone models, and our doctors will recommend shapes and sizes that will give the patient the most natural and attractive look.

Not all procedures call for breast reconstruction implants. Dallas physicians at the Center are trained in DIEP/SIEA, SGAP, and latissimus flap surgeries. Each uses the patient’s own body material in a transplant operation that creates a new breast or breasts. In particular, DIEP/SIEA offers advantages by removing material from the abdomen and giving patients a “tummy tuck” effect at the same time as breast reconstruction. We invite patients to learn more about all of the options available to them.

To get more information about breast reconstruction surgery, Dallas women are encouraged to email or call 972-566-3939.

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