Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy: Dallas’ Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy, Dallas women may have many concerns. Among them is retaining the sense of confidence and femininity they knew before having the surgery. That is why it is important that they become familiar with all of the treatments available to them, including breast cancer reconstruction.

Dallas physicians at Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction specialize in a number of procedures. Through the breadth of our expertise, we are able to offer women options that meet their needs and that give them the element of choice: a factor that is all-too-often absent during the course of cancer treatment.

With breast cancer reconstruction, Dallas women require a special approach that differs from a traditional cosmetic surgery. Our doctors focus only on helping patients who have undergone mastectomy or who are planning to have the procedure. As a result, our staff anticipates the questions and concerns that clients have, and we have the knowledge to be able to offer informed answers.

The process begins when you first contact us. Our staff works with equal ease by telephone or email, so you can choose the method that is most convenient for you. When it comes to breast reconstruction after mastectomy, Dallas women may prefer to begin the discussion by email in order to collect their thoughts and put together all of the questions that they have. Alternatively, some patients would rather speak to us by telephone because it gives them a chance to evaluate our work as a staff and whether we will provide the support and understanding that they are seeking.

The next step is an initial consultation with our breast reconstruction surgeon. Dallas physicians with the Center will use this time to evaluate a patient’s medical history and the status of any ongoing treatment (such as radiation therapy). We also discuss the patient’s goals. Some of the questions that we may consider:

  • What does the patient hope to achieve with her surgery?
  • What type of recovery time can she afford to take?
  • Is she interested in options that include breast implants?

Certain treatments depend on the health of the patient and the shape of her body. This preliminary discussion helps add clarity about which procedure makes sense for the patient and the breast reconstruction surgeon.

Finally, Dallas clients will schedule the pre-operative and day-of procedures with our staff. During the pre-operative phase, we provide clients with information about preparing for their procedure and what to expect during and after surgery. These factors differ depending on the treatment option that the patient and the doctor have selected. With whichever procedure a patient chooses, the advanced techniques that our doctors use help to reduce recovery time and limit pain. Follow-up visits promote the patient’s recovery and provide an opportunity for follow-up questions.

We encourage you to learn more about breast cancer reconstruction. Dallas offices of the Center are available by email or by telephone at 972-566-3939.

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