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There are a great many words that come to mind when thinking of someone who has survived cancer: brave, strong, determined. But even after overcoming such a seemingly insurmountable ordeal, many women struggle to conquer fears that accompany the all-too-common casualty of the battle – a lost breast. These can range from wondering what people think of your appearance to losing hope that anything can be done to help, but none should be faced alone. We at the Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction are proud to stand alongside cancer survivors in their road to recovery – and even prouder to be part of success stories like the one below.

This patient story is written as told to a writer, not a direct quotation of their story. Please contact us with any questions. Every patient circumstance is different.

Choosing to Begin Again

I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer on my breast in 1999. It took three surgeries and a portion of my right breast in order to get clean margins and to be cancer free. One of those surgeries was severely botched and left me totally unable to even consider reconstruction at that time. I learned to live with a portion of my breast missing but always wondered if anything could be done to reconstruct it. After 12 years of struggling with fear, I was finally ready to face my giant and start looking for a qualified, compassionate surgeon.

Great Lengths and Great Rewards

I was willing to travel just about anywhere to find someone who was knowledgeable, kind, and the best at what they did. [My surgeon] was one of the names I kept coming back to, even though choosing him would mean a six hour drive. I finally decided to send an email to his staff for a consultation and within two weeks I was in Dallas for my first visit.

From the moment I met [my surgeon] and his staff, I felt at ease. He explained everything thoroughly and never made me feel rushed or uncomfortable in any way. He showed me before and after pictures of others who had the same procedure, gave me the pros and cons, and answered all my questions. When we left his office that day and talked, my husband and I knew we’d found a surgeon we could trust with my reconstruction.

The Road to Wholeness

After some thought and further discussion with [my surgeon], I chose the LD flap without implants. We felt like it would give me the results I wanted by using only my own tissue and I liked that the recovery time of the LD flap was shorter, better fitting my busy life as a mother of four.

The surgery was scheduled within a month and went very well. It was so surreal and amazing to see myself for the first time after twelve years and actually feel normal and whole again. Being away from home and my kids was hard, but so worth the awesome care and results. After 9 days, my drains were removed and I made the trip back home. I had some pain and discomfort the first couple of weeks, but by the sixth week and my next check-up I was able to resume most of my normal activities.

Heartfelt Thanks

[My surgeon] and his staff were so great through the entire process. He did an excellent job and is a great surgeon. From working with me on scheduling long distance appointments, to answering my questions and taking care of all the insurance details, I never had to worry about anything. I can’t tell [him] thank you enough for caring about me and giving me back part of what cancer took away!

No matter the distance, there’s just no substitute for outstanding results that last a lifetime. Don’t delay. Call the Dallas breast reconstruction experts at 972.566.3939 today to schedule your consultation.

Breast cancer is a disease affecting millions of women across the globe. As frightening and difficult as it is to face this disease head-on and survive, unfortunately the struggles don’t always end even after you’re given a clean bill of health. Many women lose one or even both breasts to the disease and are left feeling incomplete or broken.

At the Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction, we’re proud to provide real solutions to breast cancer survivors in Dallas. Diep Flap Reconstruction is one of the most exciting new advances in our field, practiced by only a relatively small number of surgeons across the US. Thankfully, our surgeons are among them, and, in Marti’s case, it was the right procedure to help get her life back on track.

This patient story is written as told to a writer, not a direct quotation of their story. Please contact us with any questions. Every patient circumstance is different.

Hope After Chemo

After 6 months of chemo I was faced with the choices of surgery and reconstruction options. Honestly, it was overwhelming—I didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be. After speaking to friends and researching, I chose to have the DIEP breast flap reconstruction. [My surgeon] did the reconstruction at the same time the mastectomy procedure was done. When I woke up I had a man-made breast in the place that would have been just a void.

Marti’s Renewed Confidence and Thoughts on Her Decision

The scars are fading. I’m not afraid to wear sundresses or a two piece swimsuit for that matter. I can’t speak for all womankind, but for me, this was the best decision I could have made. My advice to patients is to get some more opinions from other patients—see what they say. When I was trying to decide, I spoke to a friend that had the TRAM done–she wished she had done the DIEP. It’s a very personal decision, and only you can decide.

If you’ve lost a breast to cancer, you owe it to yourself to learn about your reconstructive options and the renewed confidence they can give. Call the Dallas breast reconstruction experts at 972.566.3939 and schedule your consultation today.

At the Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction in Dallas, Diep Flap Reconstruction is one of our specialties, but this isn’t the case everywhere. Because it is a newer and very advanced procedure, requiring microsurgical training, there are a relatively small number of surgeons across the nation that perform it. Despite this, through research, many women come to conclude that the DIEP Flap is the best procedure for them and, as you’ll learn in Pam’s story below, will even travel to have it done.

This patient story is written as told to a writer, not a direct quotation of their story. Please contact us with any questions. Every patient circumstance is different.

Making the Right Choice for the Future

My breast cancer surgery involved the removal of my left breast and a portion of the muscle underneath. I was told that I had to wait 2 years before I could have reconstructive surgery so I had plenty of time to research my options.

I considered a TRAM flap but really didn’t want the risk of future problems because of the missing muscle. None of the doctors in my hometown would do any surgery more complex so I found [the Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction]. I was interested in the DIEP flap, which although a much more complex surgery, I felt I would be more comfortable with the result.

I did not want an implant because I wanted the new breast to be made of my tissue. Being a cancer survivor I did not want a foreign substance in my body. The DIEP seemed ideal. It would be natural and it would respond to changes in my body just like a regular breast.

Ease in Recovery

The surgery was about 6 hours long. Recovery was not painful. It was pretty much pain free except for when I had to move around or cough. Tissue from my “tummy” was used to fashion a new breast. Those abdominal muscles were very sore, and it was hard to straighten up for a while. I went home with drain tubes which weren’t hard to take care of. Within a week of being home I was moving around pretty well and I was ready for the drain tubes to come out!

Natural Results that Change With You

I gained weight after the surgery, putting on at least 30 pounds, but the reconstructed breast grew right along with me. I eventually lost not only the 30 pounds, but an additional 30 pounds and the breast lost weight with me. That wouldn’t have happened with an implant.

I couldn’t be happier with my DIEP flap reconstructed breast. The improved contour of my “tummy” was the icing on the cake! Thank you!

If you’re considering a reconstruction after cancer, weigh your options carefully. The quickest solution may not be the best for your future. Call the Dallas breast reconstruction experts at 972.566.3939 today to learn more.

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