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Before & After Case Studies

The “before & after” pictures of breast reconstruction are more involved that those which can be seen on cosmetic websites for things like a facelift, tummy tuck, etc. Obviously these cases are more complex, but also each patient has a different story.

In some cases, the breast reconstruction may have been done at the same time as the mastectomy, in other cases it was done later. Some patients came to our office having already had a failed reconstruction elsewhere and need revisions or a completely new reconstruction done here.

Some patients are affected by radiation, others are not. All of this affects the case so we have provided each of these examples and breast reconstruction images with a short story regarding the case.

It is important to read the stories with each case study and breast reconstruction pictures to fully understand the cases.

Click on the procedure you are interested in to see various case studies of that procedure.

DIEP / SIEA / SGAP Flap Reconstruction

These are patients who underwent one of the perforator flap reconstructions such as the DIEP flap.

View Dr. Duffy’s Case Studies »

View Dr. McKane’s Case Studies »

Breast Implants & Expanders »

These are patients who underwent reconstruction using breast implants.

View Dr. Duffy’s Case Studies »

Latissimus Flap Reconstruction »

These are patients who underwent reconstruction using a latissimus flap with implants.

View Dr. Duffy’s Case Studies »

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